During the Revenge of the Dreamers 3 sessions in Atlanta, the Dreamville team worked non-stop on creating some of the best music of the year. They achieved that, being nominated for a Grammy Award at the upcoming ceremony but that's just for the tracks we have already heard. Although the album has been out for nearly a year, there are so many left-overs that we have yet to hear, including the previously-previewed "Twelve" by Ari Lennox and Omen. After letting the song marinate, working on finishing touches and ensuring that it sounds as good as it possibly can, it would appear as though Ari Lennox is finally ready to drop the ROTD3 hold-over, teasing it on social media with a sexy new video.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"Tonight BUSSIT," wrote the Dreamville songstress, hinting that the new record could actually hit streaming services in a few hours. Originally, the track featured Omen but it's very possible that things were changed around in the time since it was recorded. In the video, Lennox shares a snippet of her own section, sensually feeling herself and showing off her thighs, which many are claiming to be the best in the game. With the constant scrutiny that the singer faces online, it's about time she comes through with some new music to remind everyone why she's so necessary in music today.

We're ready when you are, Ari.