People continue to weigh in on what's been called the lack of R&B music in the culture at the moment, and artists are a little tired of hearing it. Young M.A ruffled a few feathers when she tweeted, "Music don’t feel the same because we barely have R&B. R&B brung that balance to music.. now everything is leanin one way smh so it gets played out quick! We need R&B for the balance no kap!"

Ari Lennox Singing
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Diddy recently took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself talking about how "the world is missing R&B" and that as the "code holder" of the genre, it's up to him to bring it back. Both PJ Morton and 6LACK have responded to these criticisms by saying there are plenty of talented R&B artists out there, it's just up to the public to discover them and for the industry to promote them.

Standing by the side of her fellow artists is the First Lady of Dreamville, Ari Lennox. The soul singer hopped on social media a few minutes ago to share her thoughts about people claiming that good R&B tunes are hard to find. "To all my fellow RnB friends killing sh*t, I love you and we got this," she wrote. "Back in the day people use to judge and hate on the evolution of soul music as well."

"It's a vicious cycle that every generation of artists goes through," Ari added, "Don't be discouraged because real music deserves to be heard. We have angels that love and support and go so hard for us, which is the coolest blessing. What we are doing now may not be fully appreciated or seen due to a sh*t agenda, but it will last forever. Real music is forever." Check out Ari Lennox's post and Diddy's video below.

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