Yesterday, 50 Cent celebrated MSNBC's win against Fox News as they edged out their rival network in ratings for the first time in years. He attributed the network's success to one man and one man only: Ari Melber. The journalist has become a favorite for many as he often quotes hip-hop and R&B lyrics when trying to prove his point. In the past, Ari has used Young Thug, Migos, and Mobb Deep bars to ensure his listeners understand where he's coming from. He saw the shoutout from 50 Cent and he decided to play an appropriate song to thank him for the praise. 

Melber played "Like My Style" from 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' as he promised to continue delivering the news in a way that pleases Fif. Whatever he's been doing is working. He's clearly in tune with the culture, which was evidenced again when he quoted Beyoncé to smite Donald Trump on air.

When discussing Trump's plans for American taxpayers to pay for his Mexican border wall (which he initially promised Mexico would pay for) Ari Melber quoted "Bills, Bills, Bills" to remind everyone that Trump has always been notorious for not paying for the labor he orders. He definitely gets his point across effectively. Take a look below.