Ariana Grande has risen above a bunch of obstacles to deliver some memorable music in a year that she likely wishes to forget. The singer went through a breakup with her fiance and lost her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller all in the same year. If that wasn't enough, she's still recovering from the aftermath of the Manchester bombings, a terrorist attack that targeted one of her shows. Ariana just released the video for "thank u, next" and it broke YouTube records as one of the most-viewed music videos of all time in its debut. As it continues to rack up streams, Grande's naysayers have begun to make claims against the pop star, accusing her of appropriating black culture in her interviews and image.

Some people on Twitter are going against the singer for her overly-tanned look, saying that Ariana is on the verge of blackface at times. While she definitely goes hard at the tanning salon, she's certainly not wearing blackface... "Y'all joked about Ariana being 'black' too hard now she's over-tanning and has a blaccent," wrote one user. The "blaccent" is in reference to a specific interview she did with Billboard, looking back on childhood photos and speaking in a sassy tone.

Of course, her fans have come to her defence throughout the slander. Which side do you stand on or are you neutral?