Just because they're no longer together, it doesn't mean that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no longer coordinating their tattoos. The former couple inked themselves up dozens of times to solidify their love but not even that could save them. They tried to work through their differences but as Ariana notes in her latest single "thank u, next," they just weren't meant to be. If only they had realized that before getting permanent reminders of each other on their bodies. While they broke up a few weeks ago, the two are still sporting matching tattoos and one, in particular, was inked after the breakup.

One of the signs of impending doom was when Davidson covered up his Grande logo behind his ear. Instead, he got a black heart in the same spot, leading many to believe that they would soon be announcing a split. A few days later, news starting breaking out. Now, it appears Ariana decided to cover up one of her "Pete" tattoos with a similar design. As she teases her upcoming video for the breakup anthem, fans noticed a black heart tattoo where her "Pete" ink used to be. The art was done on her left ring finger, where she previously sported a band-aid to cover up the bad memories. When fans grilled her about it, she joked, "i’m empty and my heart is black now so." 

While they were together, the couple got several tattoos together, including Ariana's favorite saying "Honest To God, Knock Me Out." The video for "thank u, next" should be out in the coming weeks.