These last few months have proven to be very trying for "Be Alright" songstress Ariana Grande. In September, Ariana's former boyfriend Mac Miller passed away from an alleged overdose. Earlier this month, news broke that Ariana and her fiance Pete Davidson had split, and would no longer be getting married.

Understandably, fans have been concerned with Ariana's well being and her health. The artist has been vocal about her struggles with anxiety in the past, a condition that she has dealt with since the tragic bombing that occurred during one of her performances at a Manchester Arena in May 2017 resulting in the deaths of 22 people. 

She recently released her fourth studio album Sweetener in August and was slated to go on tour. With the recent tribulations the singer has had to face, fans were left wondering whether she would still be touring and have reached out to her about the matter on Twitter. "Any news about sweetener tour? if not pls don’t stress about it! We can wait / we want you to be actually ready to go on tour," one fan wrote. "I’m ready -- my heart needs it actually finalizing a few more things but I’m tryna get em dates to u asap," Ariana responded