Ariana Grande has been managing her public breakup as best as she can. The artist has canceled some appearances due to her personal struggles, including the emotional turmoil brought on by the death of Mac Miller, and most recently, her called-off engagement to Pete Davidson. She has finally come through with a first performance since the sad news concerning her fiance broke to the public. While she asserted some confidence on and offstage, the songstress seemed to want to hide some of the evidence of her failed relationship during her comeback.

Her return took place during the taping of NBC's concert special A Very Wicked Halloween, where she sang in homage to The Wizard of Oz spin-off musical entitled Wicked. Some noticed her missing engagement ring, which was reportedly given back to Pete Davidson following their split. The ring would have complimented a tattoo on the same hand that referred to their love affair. However, Grande chose to hide it. Her method of choice was to use a band-aid.

Of course, she may have an actual injury on this finger, but the placement of the bandage is quite specific if not coincidental. Either way, there is clearly a scar, physical or not, that is in need of healing. Grande still has many other tattoos that commemorate her relationship with Davidson.