Ariana Grande attended last night's Grammy Awards and had all eyes on her on the red carpet. The 26-year-old singer graced the event in a grey gown that had Ariana written all over it, with its bold and feminine ways. True Ariana fans were quick to notice something new about the singer that came in the form of a delicate butterfly tattoo placed on the back of her left arm. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images 

Ariana has updated fans many times in the past when it came to her new ink, but this one was a surprise that was loved by her fans. 

It was around this time last year when Ariana got a hand tattoo that was supposed to have an enlightening meaning in Japanese but instead it just read "Japanese BBQ grill." After getting roasted by fans and comics online, Ariana followed up with a message admitting her mistake. "I'd like it to be respectful and more correct bruh what’s wrong w that 🖤 tryna learn heeere," she wrote. "Everything i do is out of love n appreciation. down for all the corrections and guidance. thank u."

She's safe with this new ink.