Ariana Grande's Coachella set is taking place this Sunday and fans are convinced that she'll be inviting NSYNC to the stage to throw down with her. All the assumptions are coming from recent tweets Ariana sent out into the Twitterverse. The first one was a throwback video to NSYNC's July 2nd, 1999 concert in Sunrise, Florida where you can see Ariana and her mother in the audience. 

The second video shows Ariana at her current age, dancing to “Tearin’ Up My Heart."

"hi everyone - calling it now. @ArianaGrande is bringing nsync or part of them out at Coachella since she sampled their song in break up w your gf and while that's happening, I will be crying from home!!!! ok thanks bye @scooterbraun," one user tweeted, while another added: "I probably don’t ever want to go to Coachella again but STG if @NSYNC  comes out with @ArianaGrande I will probably be depressed 😩😩💔"

Of course, Ariana hasn't added any more fuel to the rumors and she hasn't confirmed or denied the theories either. Not too long ago Ariana's mom, Joan, responded to a fans question asking when it was she knew that Ariana had "amazing talent and potential."

"She was 2-1/2 sitting in her car seat, singing to 'NSYNC and she was nailing all of JC's high notes... I was in shock..xox~JG," she responded.