Most fans admire their favorite celebrities from afar, but there are a select few who don't understand the concept of boundaries. Ariana Grande has had her fair share of frightening run-ins with fans who believe that they are somehow connected to the award-winning singer, including a man named Fidel Henriquez. According to reports, Henriquez was found trespassing on Ariana and her mother Joan's property in March. TMZ reports that he was able to make his way in after tailing a delivery truck through the security gates.

Ariana Grande Stalker
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty Images

The outlet further states that once Henriquez was on the property, he dug through their garbage bins and later knocked on Joan's door. He had a note for Ariana Grande but was told to leave the property immediately Police were called and they reportedly found him nearby. One week later, Ariana and her mother filed for a restraining order against the obsessed fan, and on Tuesday (May 5) news circulated that they were granted a 5-year protective order.

According to the order, Henriquez "can't come within 100 yards of Joan's home, her vehicles ... and of course, her and Ariana. Basically, he's gotta stay the hell away. The guy's also been instructed not to harass, threaten, intimidate or contact them in any other fashion -- which covers everything from written correspondence to phone calls as well as any form of electronic messages, including texts and social media DMs."