Ariana Grande has been through a few traumatic experiences this year. She's had to deal with the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, whom she has shared numerous heartfelt messages for. She was also engaged for a short while to comedian Pete Davidson before the two decided to go their separate ways. Keep in mind that she's still shaken up from the attack on one of her concerts in Manchester last year. Sometimes, it's nice to take your mind off of everything going on by getting scared out of your mind. It wouldn't be my first choice but Ariana Grande noted that she loves getting into the spirit of Halloween. She decided on a whim to redirect her carpool journey with late night TV host James Corden so they could head to a haunted escape room and, of course, the whole thing was caught on video.

Almost immediately, Ariana was a little surprised to be in such a dark room, telling Corden, "You told me it was an escape room... not hell." The whole thing is pretty entertaining to watch as Ariana nearly spoils herself near the end. She also injures her hand during the entire ordeal but, in her own words, she thinks she looks "kind of hard" with her wrist bandaged up.

Considering the fact that she's still rocking some serious ice on her wedding ring finger, we're thinking this was filmed weeks in advance. She seems to be doing well though, performing for the first time since her break-up with Davidson a few days ago.