When you're Billboard's top female artist of the year, where do you stay when you're looking for a quaint little trip to the mountains of Colorado? Well, this is Ariana Grande we're talking about, so the answer is: in the most lavish mansion one can find in that kind of secluded area.

As per TMZ, the Dangerous Woman pop star was recently up in Mountain Village, Colorado, a tiny resort town that has a population of less than 1,500 people. She, along with members of her family, were surrounded by luxury, renting an amazing mansion that boasts 8 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms and was the ultimate picture of northern vacation style. You can check out a picture of the digs below.

[Image via TMZ]

The house, which Grande rented through Airbnb, didn't come cheap either. With a nightly price tag of $7,280, it's sure to be out of the budget range of many average Americans, but for Ariana, it was the space that a woman of her stature belongs in while hitting the slopes. There's definitely a ton of outdoor activity opportunities in the area surrounding the mansion, but if it's too cold to party outside, the inside is just as impressive. An indoor pool and hot tub, along with a movie theater and a bowling alley, came with the price of the rental. Not shabby at all.

Ariana Grande thanked the well-known rental facilitator afterwards for what she called the "best trip ever." Check out more of her pictures and video from the ski vacation below and stay tuned for new music form the pop star, which will supposedly drop in the new year.