According to Variety, Ariana Grande has decided to boycott the Grammys due to a disagreement over the song selection of a medley performance supposed to take place during the gala. Grande's decision to relieve herself of duty has not gone unnoticed. The Grammys committee was using her likeness in promotional billboards all across Los Angeles, with tons of marketing devoted to her now-cancelled Feb. 10 performance.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images   

According to insiders close to the situation, Ariana Grande was offended when the Grammy committee objected to her performing "7 Rings" at the ceremony. After some deliberation, Grande and the producers came to some kind of agreement, which allowed her to perform "7 Rings" in a medley of songs, but the situation reached an impasse when the Grammy's insisting upon choosing the 2nd song in her medley. Incidentally, Ariana was none too impressed, so she recanted on her side of the agreement, and pulled out of the gala immediate effect. 

This wouldn't be the first time the Grammy producers forced a performing artist into a binding position over song selection. Last year, the Recording Academy declined to let Lorde perform a particular song of her choosing, which didn't bode well for her participation. Both sides were thereby at an impasse in negotiations, to which the Grammy's counteroffered Lorde a spot in the Tom Petty tribute performance. Lorde rejected, again on principle, and the rest is history.

The Grammy's loss of Ariana Grande is nearly impossible to replace; her singles "Sweetener,” "Thank U, Next,” and "7 Rings" have reached a level of critical mass since going entering the streaming World. To top it all off, Grande has chosen not to attend the gala as a front-row guest, notwithstanding her omission as a performer.