Ariana Grande has been mourning the death of her ex-partner, Mac Miller. Her team had revealed that the singer was taking some time away from the public eye to "heal." Grande, who also deals with mental health issues like anxiety and PTSD, seems to have channeled her struggles into the booth. Within 2 months of releasing her last studio album Sweetener, the entertainer is already teasing new music.

The pop star tweeted a short clip of a new song. Here are some of the lyrics that could be heard blaring from the studio in her most recognizable vocal tone.

I should but I don’t give no fucks… I obsessively love too hard.
I can be needy, why so damn needy? I can be needy, tell me how good it feels to be needy.
I can be needy, so hard to please me, lie down it feels so good to be needed.

The songwriting is likely inspired by Grande's own personal experiences with love. Her relationship with Mac Miller was tumultuous and her current relationship with her fiance appears to be intense as well. Her fans are congratulating her for digging deep within herself to move forward with positivity.