Ariana Grande's Tattoogate shows no sign of quieting down. After bowing out gracefully in the face of criticism of her misspelt tattoo, Grande booked a session with her tattoo artist in the quickest manner possible - evidence of which surfaced on her Instagram with a nod to her "tutor" @kanenavasard, shortly thereafter. 

But get this, sources close to TMZ are saying that Ariana Grande's tattoo edit still doesn't read or convey "7 Rings" as intended. Ariana Grande and her tutor thought that adding an additional character would clear things up; they were dead wrong. The modified tattoo on her palm now legibly reads: "Japanese BBQ finger" which in some ways, only exacerbates the issue with the original tat.

In truth, Grande should have done the foreground research in her second attempt. Life isn't replete with bounce-back opportunities, especially when it concerns cultural sensitivity or ambiguity.

For what it's worth, Ariana Grande does have a history of covering up regrettable tattoos, just ask Pete Davidson. And in all honesty, let's hope the lidocaine shots her doctor provided her in relief come handy when Twitter latches onto the situation for a second - quite frankly, there's plenty of reason to believe Twitter isn't halfway done with the remnants of Yesterday's roasting. The 2nd wave of hilarity is fast approaching, buckle in.