Just when you thought there wasn't going to be any real beef over YFN Lucci starring in Armani Caesar's music video, things continue to roll on. After images from her video surfaced online where she was seen sitting on a bed with YFN Lucci, rumors floated that the Atlanta rapper had started a romance with Griselda's First Lady. Lucci's ex, Reginae Carter, shared a cryptic tweet about clout chasing without mentioning either party and Armani responded, "OMG... girl." Armani Caesar has repeatedly denied that she is dating Lucci, but she got on Instagram Live to hopefully stop the gossip.

"Lucci is cool and all, but at the end of the day, that ain't my motherf*ckin' n*gga and I don't want that to be my n*gga," said Armani. She also added that YFN Lucci was her second choice to star in her music video. "It was supposed to be Trouble. So, nah, I don't have to clout chase for nobody. At the end of the day, it was a video, sis."

Armani Caesar also made it clear that she doesn't have any issues with Reginae and although she doesn't know the reality star personally, she thinks that she's "a cool girl." Check out the video below.