Many celebrity homes have been targetted this summer in a string of burglary cases, including Rihanna's, which was hit twice in a matter of months. Alleged criminals have finally been taken into police custody for the home invasions that also linked to the likes of Christina Milian, and Dodgers outfielder, Yasiel Puig.

Four suspects have been arrested on October 2 and are suspected to be part of a larger group that focuses on athletes, actors, and entertainers in Hollywood.

On Friday, September 28, police arrested teenage suspects Tyress Williams, 19, Jshawne Daniels, 19, and Damaji Hall, 18 in South Los Angeles. Hall's mother, Ashle Hall, 34 was also arrested two days later.

Lillian Carranza, commanding officer of the LAPD’s Commercial Crimes Division, described their ruse in a statement. It is reported that the thieves would wear dress shirts and business casual attire while riding in luxury cars as camouflage. They would change their clothes before hitting the homes.

The suspects would straight up knock on the door to verify if anyone was inside. Once it was assumed to be clear, they would break in through a window and proceed to loot the location, stealing all valuables including cash, weapons, and jewelry. The plan would be executed within very few minutes.

Targets are said to have been chosen based on social media posts and their travel schedules.

Williams reportedly pleaded guilty on Tuesday, October 2, to four felony counts of first-degree burglary linked to Rihanna. The remaining three suspects have yet to be formally charged. They were still in police custody on Oct. 2.