In three days, we'll finally receive Coming 2 America over 30 years after the first classic film hit the silver screens. The movie stars Eddie Murphy as Prince Hakeem and his close friend Arsenio Hall as his sidekick and best bud "Semmi," and the on-screen friendship between the characters is almost a reflection of real life. Murphy and Hall have known each other for decades and during their recent co-interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, they revisited a few career moments that also involved their friendship.

Donald Trump, Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Kimmel, Eddie Murphy, Coming 2 America
Isaac Brekken / Stringer / Getty Images

After discussing Murphy being interviewed on the Arsenio Hall Show many moons ago and cracking a few jokes about their experiences, Kimmel asked Murphy if he ever watched Hall during his 2012 stint on Celebrity Apprentice. Hall won his season, and while Murphy suggested that he only tuned in for the finale, Kimmel really wanted to know if Arsenio still speaks with Celebrity Apprentice boss and former president, Donald Trump.

The three men laughed as Hall answered, "We don't talk a lot." He added, "You know what was weird? He got mad at me once—like, he won't text you. He got mad at me once because I did an interview and he said I didn't mention him, but sometimes, people don't mention everything you say. He took the interview and he wrote in Sharpie, 'No Trump,' and he photographed it and emailed it back to me. I think someone in his office did."

"It was the strangest transmission I've ever had." Kimmel quipped that Trump's note was "what I wrote on my ballot in November." Check out the story below along with more about the wholesome, long-lasting friendship between Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.