A$AP Bari was involved in a car crash, reportedly suffering minor injuries.

The fashion designer was the passenger in a red Lamborghini truck, driven by a 23-year-old woman who lost control of the car and crashed. According to reports, the woman was trying to get off the highway when she swerved through traffic, smashing into the protective barriers and wrecking the truck. 

Three people were reportedly brought to the hospital but it's unclear if A$AP Bari was one of them. He was spotted speaking with responding police officers, looking pretty healthy. However, it has been confirmed that he suffered some minor injuries.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

A witness claims that the car's windows were broken during the accident, also blowing out the tires and deploying airbags.

Thankfully, Bari appears to be good. We're praying that everybody else involved in the crash is safe, as well.

Recently, the designer was brought into a potential plagiarism scandal when his VLONE brand was accused of stealing a design for their new Pop Smoke merch. We haven't heard any updates on that in a minute so, in addition to this new story, we'll keep you posted on any happenings in regards to that as well.