One of the most hype trios to have gone on tour this year has been A$AP Ferg, Denzel Curry and IDK on the Mad Man Tour. The three teamed up for an absolute banger earlier this year in "Kristi YamaGucci" and they continued to bring the energy night in and night out on tour. Denzel Curry and IDK have become close as a result, referring to themselves as one of the great tag teams in hip-hop, comparing their relationship to WWE's The Undertaker and Kane. After abruptly rescheduling the second half of "Mad Man," Ferg made some changes to the line-up with a new addition and an unfortunate subtraction.

IDK appears to be available for many of the new dates as he'll join the majority of the postponed shows but there must have been a scheduling conflict with Denzel Curry because he is not mentioned in the new advertising. Instead, Compton rapper Buddy will be joining Ferg, bringing a whole new vibe to the tour. Although fans who were wishing to see Denzel alongside Ferg and IDK will undoubtedly be a little upset, the three stars are bound to still bring the energy on the remaining nights of the tour. It would be difficult for Ferg not to show up at this point as the man simply exudes personality.

Check out the rescheduled dates below and let us know if you'll be attending any of the shows.