It looks like A$AP Ferg may be losing the A$AP in his name soon.

The Harlem rapper has been a mainstay in the A$AP Mob with A$AP Rocky and a handful of other rappers, artists, designers, and creatives for years. Together, they've built an empire for them to succeed, sticking true to themselves and putting loyalty and family at the forefront of each new release. Apparently, it doesn't look like A$AP Ferg will be sticking with them for much longer, getting called out by A$AP Illz on Instagram.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Tensions may have been bubbling between A$AP Ferg and the rest of the crew because, for a minute last year, he was simply going by Ferg on festival billing and whatnot. That seemed to subside though and all of his recent releases have been under the A$AP moniker. Things just got serious though as A$AP Illz is publicly calling out the rapper from within.

"Ferg ain't ASAP NO MORE sorry guys," wrote Illz on his Instagram Stories. "That n***a burnt out, songs dumb trash mr anthem can't get right." 

Obviously, this was pretty surprising for people to witness. Everything seemed cool and, apparently, it came as a surprise to Ferg himself.

After A$AP Illz went on to expose Ferg some more, he posted their text message log, which shows a months-long gap between communication before today, when Ferg texted him to give him a call immediately. 

We'll keep an eye on this situation but, as of right now, it doesn't look like Ferg is sticking around with A$AP much longer. 

We've reached out to A$AP Ferg's representative for a statement.