A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator have solidified themselves as one of hip-hop's most beloved "bromances." Though a long-teased collaboration album ultimately proved to be little more than a red herring, it would appear the pair remain tighter than ever. Clearly, the nature of their friendship forces them to stay eternally on their toes, as a mutual love of ball-busting appears to be one of the foundational elements. Now, Rocky has found himself playing an impromptu game of tag, as Tyler seized the opportunity to snatch the homie's phone from his unsuspecting fingers. As anybody with a mischevious-minded friend can attest, it's never good to see your phone fall into the wrong hands, unlocked at that. 

Eyes wide with unbridled and borderline maniacal glee, Tyler gazes into the camera, presumably during Rocky's ongoing Instagram live stream. He proceeds to race through a store, drawing curious glances from passersbys, likely fascinated by the childish nature of what's unfolding. Unfortunately for Rocky, his quarry is simply too fleet of foot, leaving him gassed in his pursuit. Tyler can only laugh as Rocky collides with a security barrier, prompting him to taunt the fallen A$AP, calling him a "stupid bitch, a stupid dumb bitch," like he's Dee from It's Always Sunny. 

You've gotta respect the friendship, even if you're still a little salty about the rope-a-doped collaborative album. For those looking for collaborations on wax, there's always the replay value of "Potato Salad." 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images