Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky are more than just rap buddies. The two appear two have a genuine friendship, one that runs much deeper than just music. You’d think they would've been childhood friends the way they constantly roast each other on social media & in person over the past few months. Well after exchanging some back & forth comments on IG, the two were back at it the other day in the studio, this time hilarious roasting each other’s shoe game.

Rocky started it off by hopping on his IG story and hilariously laughing at Tyler’s shoes-with-sandals look in the studio. Rocky wrote “let me leave Tyler alone,” with a crying laughing emoji, before ending the clip with “them bum ass shits” while still practically belly laughing.

After catching wind of the roast, Tyler had a great response, by catching Rocky wearing a pair of Futura x Nike P Rod 1 sneakers, while simply leaving the caption “huh?” Tyler then went verbal with the shots, asking Rocky, “Some twos, bro? What shelter you find these at? Oh cause they got the 'Testing' logo?” as Rocky ran away from him. The clip continues as Rocky is all laughs while Tyler continues to roast the Harlem rapper, “money running low huh? These aint even hand-me-downs,” Tyler says before ending the clip with “you fucking bum.”

The clip is great, and an authentic look into their awesome friendship. Check it out.