Everything is a competition in the rap game. Who has the most money? The flyest clothes? The fastest cars and the hardest bars? The entire genre has grown so much in the last few decades because of how competitive it is. Everybody believes that they can be the best artist to ever step on a stage and they work hard for years to prove it to their fans. While only a select few tend to get mentioned in GOAT talks, there are other contests happening on the side that you don't hear as much about. Take A$AP Rocky and Young Thug's chin-up face-off, for example.

Albert Urso/Getty Images

As seen on the Young Stoner Life Records social page, Thugger and Rocky were chilling this week when they decided to have a spontaneous battle to see which of the two fashionistas has the strongest muscles. Capturing it all on video, Thug and Rocky can be seen completing some pull-ups (with pretty terrible form, I must add) as they looked to come out on top of the other. A$AP appears to have won this battle. While he finished with some half-assed attempts, he began with some actual hard work. Thug truly only did one real pull-up and it was during his final try. Most of his attempts would not fly in the ultra-competitive gyms around the country.

In Thug's defense, he's rocking a ton of jewelry on his wrist and a heavy sweatshirt, which may have been weighing him down. Who do you think won?