First strike was issued by Pretty Flacko when he posted on Twitter a video of ankle-level video of Tyler The Creator walking in sandals. Tyler followed that up with a retort mocking Rocky's decision to wear a musty pair of Paul Rodriguez skate shoes. Or course, both Tyler and Rocky represents fairly different sides of the fashion spectrum, one more decadent than the other. They do however make a concerted effort when it comes visual presentation and personal style. Their back and forth banter says everything about the level of camaraderie they feel poised to share. If Tyler has scaled back the shitbag humor, it was only to incur "minor repackaging." Somethings never change, especially when they become ingrained, as in the case with Tyler's phony age-enhanced photo, dated 2048.

A$AP most recent gag towards his bud Tyler doesn't exactly employ age-enhancement technology as I thought at first glance. The image appears to be a complete rip-off from a local news segment. The photo of his doppelganger, the only difference the grey hairs forming on the side of head underneath his trademark ball cap. Flacko seems to be insinuating that Tyler will never grow out of his boyish tendency of wearing ball caps, sandals, knee high socks, etc. Tyler likely has fodder for the canon himself. Get the strap!