Testing may not have been a favorite among casual A$AP Rocky fans but it contains some of his best work ever. Songs like "Fukk Sleep" and "Praise The Lord" remain in steady rotation as we wait for any news regarding the rapper's upcoming plans. Rocky has always done things in a pretty mysterious fashion. When he announced the Injured Generation Tour, fans were excited about the name. Could it be an upcoming album or was Rocky still planning on performing the majority of Testing? The leak of his "Sundress" collaboration with Tame Impala only served to fuel speculation for an upcoming project. At Camp Flog Gnaw, the New York artist premiered a brand new song for the crowd as he walked off stage, introducing the world to "Shittin Me."

He stuck around for a bit at the end of his set to see how the audience reacted to his new song as he played it for the first time in front of a live crowd. This is the second new track that has surfaced from Rocky in a week's time, perhaps confirming that he's been working on new music. 

This is just one of the storylines coming out of Camp Flog Gnaw as people are also discussing Jaden Smith's claims that Tyler, The Creator is his "boyfriend." Kids See Ghosts also unleashed an impressive live performance of their greatest hits as a duo. Listen to the song below and tell us your thoughts.