Ever since being released from jail in Sweden, A$AP Rocky has been thriving and enjoying his newfound freedom. The artist recently released his new track "BABU$HKA BOI" and is doing everything he can to get fans hyped about his new music. One of the best parts of being out jail is that Rocky can now hang out with his friends again and make jokes like he used to. Yesterday on Instagram, Rocky did just that as he had a little bit of back and forth with AWGE photographer, Bladi.

Rocky posted a picture of himself on IG in which he is giving the camera the middle finger. The image was originally posted to Bladi's page except this time, Rocky used a filter. This prompted the photographer to comment "n**** thru a ig filter on it 😂🤦🏽‍♂️." In a reply that has since been deleted, Rocky clapped back at Bladi saying "GET THE F** OFF MY PAGE."

It's curious as to why Rocky's reply was deleted although perhaps it's because he didn't want fans to think he has real tension with Bladi. After all, if there was really a problem, he wouldn't have used the image in the first place. 

We're just happy to see Rocky having fun out here.