The anticipation for ASAP Rocky's Testing is through the roof, thanks to a revived interest in NY hip hop. That isn't to put a damper on expectations for Rocky's regular output. Rocky went the colossal route by invoking a Moby sample in his leadup single, and the risk paid off. At. Long. Last. ASAP, his second helping, is a long memory from the hip hop landscape in 2015. The ASAP formula has been essentialized to a single point of creativity. Anything they drop, no matter when, sounds uniquely their own and fresh.

The ASAP Mob Instagram page has maybe revealed a key point of interjection in the leadup to the Testing drop. Earlier this morning they shared what could possibly the cover art for ASAP Rocky's third studio album. The cover, included at the bottom of the page, is either a Mondrian of photo stills, or a mosaic cover design. Either way, the photo is evocative of his artistic direction for the project. ASAP's aesthetic choices are often meticulously interlinked, wall to wall-cover to contents. ASAP Rocky intends to test new sounds on Testing, keep it locked for the drop. What do you make of the cover tease? Let us know.