A$AP Rocky sat down with Complex to cover his internship at Calvin Klein, and it uncovered a few details that were likely glossed over in the press. First off, Flacko was never actually an intern for Calvin Klein; their partnership dates back to 2016 when the fashion brand hired him to walk the runway for their CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC launch.

Rocky and Calvin first shook hands at the Met Gala some years ago, and out of that exchange was born a work arrangement that has lasted ever since. His most recent collaboration with the brand entails the release of a "A$AP Rocky Trucker Jacket," made to fit a skinny to average-sized torso. The jacket will retail at a price of $129, exclusively at Calvin Klein's online storefront via Amazon. 

A$AP Rocky admitted that part of the appeal of working with Calvin Klein goes beyond the brand's iconic status. Calvin's current chief creative officer just so happens to be Raf Simons, the designer Flacko came up flaunting, and to some extent, even idolizing.

You know when Raf came to CALVIN it was disruptive. He’s looking at things from this unique place of because he’s European at one of the biggest American brands. He’s really done some amazing work and the collections are iconic. I work in the same way, you have to disrupt, and not do what is safe and expected. Fuck being normal," he said in conversation with Complex.

The full interview can be read here.