A$AP Rocky’s Lab Rat performance art event at New York’s Sotheby’s proved to bring us one step closer to the Harlem emcee’s forthcoming third album and shortly after revealing that the project was complete at the event, he unveiled the official artwork for the new project.

The direction maintains the same crash test theme we’ve previously seen in several teasers and in another clip uploaded to Elliot Wilson’s socials, it is confirmed that the effort will feature appearances from Kid Cudi, Skepta, and Moby.

 Earlier in the year, Rocky sat down with Peter Rosenberg’s on the personality’s "Open Late" show and opened up about his excitement with the body of work.

“I’m experimenting in a more calculated way,” Rocky explained. “I’m trying to make sure that I take precaution to where I’m not just drawing out of the lines all crazy, mixing my colors. I’m still trying to give you a beautiful canvas, but something different. I want to take a different approach, and I want to challenge the viewer who is tired of hearing the same old shit. You know, this shit is a cliché at this point. This is going to be an amazing fucking album and I’m going to hopefully change a bunch of people’s lives again. Hopefully people will make better music and influence me to make even better music.”