It's fashion week in Milan and you all know what that means... Photos and videos of A$AP Rocky sitting front-row at all the most exclusive events dominating your timeline. The self-described Pretty Motherfucker is just as into fashion as he is music, putting together some extravagant fits on the regular and always proving to be several steps ahead of everybody else. Rocky is one of the men that dictates what is cool to wear. As an influential force in the world of streetwear and high-fashion, Flacko was present at the Gucci show in Milan a few days ago where he was spotted scouting new designs for the upcoming season. He managed to turn heads in his dark sunglasses though, clearly vibing out and enjoying everything that was on display.

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Wearing a full-Gucci outfit, the rapper sat next to musician Lou Doillon as they both watched the models strut their stuff down the runway. They seemingly coordinated their styles, each nodding their heads enthusiastically with what appears to be cocktail sticks hanging out of their mouths. This is serious dedication to a look and everybody online was impressed. From time to time, you can see Rocky utter a mind-blown "wow" but for the most part, he's focused solely on creating new looks for his future self.

Take a look at the video making the rounds below and strive to get like Flacko today.