Ashanti is one of the most beloved artists of the early 2000s. Throughout her career, she was able to provide fans with a ton of hits and to this day, she is highly-regarded as one of the best artists of her era. At her age, Ashanti is still as beautiful as ever and fans are always trying to point this out. With every IG post, she looks as radiant as ever and despite COVID-19, she has no problem showing off all the vacations she goes on.

As of right now, Ashanti has been partying it up in Mexico and in one of her most recent posts, she posed alongside of another man which immediately led to a whole bunch of rumors. In the comments section, fans began to congratulate her while others tried to figure out who the mystery man was.

On Twitter, things were a bit more hostile as there are some who don't approve of the idea of Ashanti dating a white man. Meanwhile, others were quick to point out that the man in the image was simply the manager of the place Ashanti was partying at. On the other end of the spectrum, there were fans who couldn't help but claim their happiness for Ashanti, especially since it is rare that she posts the man she's potentially dating.

Since the speculation hit Twitter, Ashanti has since cleared the air with The Shade Room, stating that the man was, in fact, the manager at the restaurant and that they are not dating. Needless to say, all of the Twitter reactions were pretty well for nothing.


Image via Instagram 


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