We haven't heard from Ashanti in a long while but she's been reminding us all just how incredible she looks lately, posing for photos at every beach she goes to. She was a big part of Carnival this year, donning an extravagant outfit and making sure everybody saw that she's still glowing. The same thing happened today when Ashanti hit Thailand. She wore a flowy blue skirt and showed off her best angles for an impromptu photo shoot and, of course, the results found their way onto her social pages.

The singer came through with some gorgeous shots of herself in a yellow dress yesterday and today, she followed them up with more images from her Thailand vacation. This time, she switched yellow for blue but the fit was just as flowy. She let the wind carry her skirt with it, raising an arm and dipping her feet into the sand. Her top is bedazzled with tons of sparkles, covering her top half but leaving enough empty space to still be considered extremely sexy. This isn't the first time Ashanti has shown off her body goals and it won't be the last. 

Take a look at the gorgeous photos and let us know what you think.