These days, we don't get to hear Ashanti's voice that often unless we're blasting throwback tracks. However, we sure get to see a lot of her with the artist constantly updating her social media feeds with photos showing us what she's been up to. Ashanti visited one of the biggest parties of the entire year, Carnival, in Trinidad recently. She stunned in her costume, which included a feather headdress and the most extravagant colors and details that you can think of. This week, she posted a handful of photos from Trinidad, letting all of her fans know that her body is still banging and that she's still as gorgeous as ever.

Carnival is heaven on earth for anybody that messes with soca music and its surrounding culture. Ashanti is down with the vibes, which she proved by posing in one of the most jaw-dropping outfits she's ever worn, performing and grinding all over Trinidad & Tobago. The singer's bikini body is still very much intact, showing off her curves and her toned tummy in a pink bikini on the beach. She also shared a decent amount of photos in her feathered fit, reminding us all of just how sexy she can be.

The 38-year-old has very clearly still got it. She's been working out hard and she wants everyone to take notice.