When it comes to supermodels, Ashley Graham is easily one of the hottest ones going right now with her curvaceous frame and striking good looks. The 31-year-old has just debuted a new collection with Swimsuits For All and it's filled with bright colors, vibrant patterns and most importantly, fits for all.

"Designing this collection was a trip down memory lane. My mom and I used to rollerblade for miles behind the house that I grew up in. It was definitely my happy place, which inspired me to design these '90s retro suits and shoot this campaign. I'm excited to see proud women of all shapes and sizes hit the boardwalk in these styles," Ashley told Popsugar.

“We were also brought up in a Christian household where words had power," Ashley told Vogue when discussing how she was raised.

"Mom would say, ‘If you call yourself fat, you’re going to be fat, if you say you’re stupid, you’re going to be stupid.’ Knowing we had to watch what we said shaped and moulded me. Women can negatively compete with each other, going ‘Oh, I’m so fat’, or ‘Oh god, my butt’s so big!’ Well, my baby sister and I, we walked around the house naked, there was never any of that.”