Actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are releasing a "Quarantine" wine, of which proceeds will go to multiple COVID-19 relief efforts. The couple announced the move on social media, Sunday.

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, CoronavirusAlberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

The couple released a video explaining the product and the charities in a video.

“100 percent, that’s right, 100 percent of the profits will go to a handful of charities that we have vetted for you and are so proud of during this time,” Kunis says in the video. “Anything from feeding families who have fallen on hard times…”

The wine is being sold through Nocking Point Wines. The company describes how the product came to be on its website saying, "A handful of weeks ago Nocking Point co-founder Andrew Harding got a call from his friend Ashton. Mila had an idea to create a QUARANTINE-themed wine that could be used to raise proceeds for multiple COVID-19 response efforts that she, Ashton, and several friends were putting their efforts into. The NP team obviously loved the idea and instantly sprang into action on sourcing the best available blends possible and dug right into bringing the Kutcher’s label design and creative vision to life."

You can purchase a bottle of the "Quarantine" Pinot Noir here.