There's currently a list that's rumored to have been leaked from the XXL offices showing what appears to be their 2021 Freshman List. Despite some giveaways that it might not be the real deal, including the misspelling of Coi Leray's name and J.I's former moniker as J.I The Prince Of N.Y, people have been reacting to it as though it were legitimate. Even some of the artists that were snubbed out from the unconfirmed spot are lashing out with hopes that the hip-hop publication reconsiders adding them to the final tally.

The list that's going around features rising stars like Pooh Shiesty, Coi Leray, The Kid LAROI, Morray, iann dior, 42 Dugg, $NOT, and more. It is not confirmed to be real, so it's possible that some of these artists might end up making the final cut but, for right now, none of them have been announced. Asian Doll and Drakeo The Ruler, who have both been getting heightened levels of attention this year, are both pretty upset that they weren't listed, going off on XXL for supposedly failing to add their names.

"It’s been f*ck XXL," wrote Asian Doll on Twitter. "Nobody cares for that sh*t it’s soooooo staged now it’s been staged & the list but full of favoritism no real talent that’s why then freestyles be trash cause they pick the artist based off popularity that cover not raw at all. XXL list should be fulla females anyway they love throwing 16 n***as on there & 1 female like we ain’t out here taking over the game."

She went on to complain that, despite having one of the biggest songs at the time, XXL never gave her ex-boyfriend King Von a spot on the cover. Later, she specified that she wasn't throwing shade at any of the artists listed on the rumored decision, especially Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty. "Nothing I said gotta do with Pooh or Coi fashooooooooo we don’t sneak diss around this b*tch either," added Asian. Coi Leray was appreciative of her clarification, saying, "Asia my b*tch 4 life. Y’all know what she meant and felt what she said."

As for Drakeo The Ruler, the LA-based rapper continued his musings by stating that XXL is playing with him by not including him. "I WASNT GONE SAY NONE BUT WTF TYPE OF SH*T YALL ON @xxl SO YALL GONE KEEP PLAYING LIKE I AINT SOMEBODY IN MY CITY WHERE MY NAME at I DONT SEE NOBODY FROM LA ON HERE."

He concluded by theorizing that you need to have a major label deal to get on the Freshman List. 

The list going around is not confirmed. We will keep you posted as more artists react to it.