For somebody that has called themselves Asian Doll, the Dallas-based rapper sure doesn't like Asian food that much.

The "Nunnadet Sh*t" rapper has come under fire again because of a recent tweet where she asked what to order at an Indian restaurant, claiming that everything on the menu looked unappetizing. "I'm at this Indian restaurant what should I order everything look nasty," said Asian Doll, not realizing that what she had just typed was pretty offensive. Of course, people were quick to ask the star to delete her post, explaining why her comment could hurt somebody. She was seemingly upset about her lack of freedom of expression on the internet, saying, "Dam I can't ask wtf to eat at a restaurant without childish ass b*tches cracking jokes." 

After reflecting on the tweet, Asian Doll has officially issued an apology to anybody that she may have offended with her words. "Love all people," she clarified. "I Just be speaking my mind like always sorry if anybody was offended."

Hopefully, she's learned from her mistake. It's pretty unclear why she felt the need to specify that the food she was about to order looked "nasty". Why wouldn't she just... I don't know, leave? Regardless, hopefully, she had a good meal and was able to enjoy the deliciousness of Indian cuisine.