Kylie Jenner is a billionaire businesswoman who reportedly makes $450,000 per day on average. She's being picked apart on social media after asking her followers to donate money to her make-up artist, Samuel Rauda, who requires emergency brain surgery. The surgery will reportedly cost $60,000. Kylie reportedly only donated $5,000, which is a tiny portion of her daily earnings, pissing off fans of the social media star who believe that she should have covered the entire procedure.

While the majority of people are going off on Kylie, there is a select few that have been standing up for the billionaire. Among those people is rapper Asian Doll, who says that Kylie is generous for even using her platform to share the news.

"People mad at Kylie for raising 60k for her makeup artist instead of giving him 60k cause she rich," wrote Asian Doll on Twitter. "Either way he got 60k right? Even if she ain’t personally give it to him he still got it from HER supporters meanwhile your friend won’t even take you to your job orientation. I don’t care if she’s a trillionaire her money is her money."

Asian says that, just because Kylie has the money, she's not obligated to spend any of it on her friend in need. She added, "He’s her MakeupArtist business is business she was more then generous to make him a go fund me & raised him 60k..... do your boss pay your medical bills? I don’t give a f*ck what nobody say people with money is not obligated to do for you just because they got it & you can’t get mad at what somebody do with THEY MONEY."

Do you agree with Asian Doll's take on the latest Kylie Jenner controversy?