Over the last six months, Asian Doll has had to deal with a lot. In November, she lost her rapper boyfriend King Von to a shooting by an alleged member of Quando Rondo’s crew. Asian was, of course, devastated by the loss, as the two considered one another their twin flame. Her grief for King Von has been her public focus since he passed, however, she revealed on twitter this morning that she has suffered even more loss behind closed doors. Asian’s stepfather, brother, and grandmother all passed away between the time Von died and now, as she revealed on twitter today. Her mental health is clearly taking a beating, with the tweet being followed up with a simple: "Sad." 

"I lost von, my step daddy, my brother & my grandmother all in 6months.... Wow," she tweeted Monday morning.


Many fans came to her aid, just wanting the best for her and hoping that she feels better soon. 

It seems that Asian has been really evaluating what’s important in her life, though, and cutting out things that aren’t. She also told fans on Monday that she’s “been letting bridges burn…” 

Above all, though, Asian Doll definitely doesn’t let anything kill her self-esteem, posting photos of herself dripping in crystals alongside the caption, "Da Wife" shortly after this moment of openness with her fans.