You've got to feel for Asian Doll, who lost her first boyfriend King Von due to gun violence in Atlanta last month. The two rappers had somewhat of a complicated love connection, seemingly breaking up weeks before the Chicago rapper's death. However, their on-again-off-again love cannot be discounted, with Asian reflecting on their relationship through photo blasts, videos, and more memories on social media. 

This week, Asian Doll was back in the news after headlines suggested that she was upset at how people were treating her following Von's passing, with some claiming that she said she should be supported like Vanessa Bryant was after Kobe's tragic ending. She denied those reports, but that hasn't stopped the disrespect in comments sections across social media.

Previewing a new song, Asian Doll showed off a more aggressive side of her raps, which many are proposing can be attributed to King Von's influence. Posting the snippet on his own page, DJ Akademiks playfully referred to the rapper as Queen Von, which got people up in arms in the comments. Fans can be seen telling Asian to stop trying to be King Von, as well as other hurtful things. In fact, all of the top comments are filled with criticism.

"Lmao this not bad but she acting like she von now," wrote one person. "She using Von whole flow now man cmon," said another. "Asian Doll done turned King Von’s death into a personality trait," added a third.

Asian Doll recently also showed off her hand tattoo of Von, which people also somehow took issue with.

At the end of the day, Asian Doll is still processing Von's death, healing from the trauma in her own way. Hopefully, the unnecessary disrespect ends soon.