Asian Doll has been publicly grieving the death of her ex-boyfriend, King Von, for months, using her platform to share her favorite memories with the late 26-year-old. While she hasn't rebranded fully, she's kept the rapper's memory alive by referring to herself as "Queen Von" because of her close connection to him. Some view the move as a tribute, and others have accused her of disrespecting Von's legacy by bringing him up. Nobody truly knows how close these two were, but apparently, the world has caught onto her "Queen Von" nickname because, during her latest trip to the nail technician, a bunch of people allegedly referred to her as such.

"I walked in the nail shop they talking bout omg Queen Von Here," tweeted Asian Doll over the weekend. "I do not expect when Foreign people notice me."

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Many are calling out Asian Doll, claiming that she's lying about this incident, making it up for more clout. When DJ Akademiks reposted the tweet, she was scrutinized to an even stronger degree with fans bashing her in the comments. Asian has already responded to those folks though, saying, "Why people saying they didn’t say that when they said exactly what I said."

Do you think Asian Doll was actually recognized as Queen Von by her nail technician? Or did she make this story up?