Asian Doll Shares Colorful Visual To "Nunnadet Sh*t" Single

Erika Marie
February 11, 2021 03:49

The rapper shows that she's not putting up with any nonsense in 2021.

She's been publicly grieving the loss of King Von ever since he was senselessly murdered back in November, but Asian Doll hasn't been off of her grind. The 24-year-old rapper has been sharing bits of her new music and clips of herself with her crew in the studio, and at the top of Thursday (February 11), Asian Doll returned with the music video to her single, "Nunnadet Sh*t". At the beginning of the clip, the Dallas artist showed off her acting skills before grabbing a few of her girls and even more of their favorite firearms as she expressed that she's about that life.

The fast-moving, colorful visual jumps from scene to scene as scantily clad women brandish and shoot off weapons while Asian Doll dismisses all things she doesn't find useful. It's clear that fans should expect much more from the rapper in the months to come as she's been keeping her creativity flowing. Check out the music video to "Nunnadet Sh*t" and share your thoughts.

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