Asian Doll and King Von had somewhat of a rocky relationship, but the Dallas-based rapper admits that the late star was her first-ever real boyfriend. They seemingly had their ups and downs, which were clear to fans on social media, but that doesn't mean that they didn't share a ton of love for one another.

During their relationship, which reportedly ended weeks prior to Von's death, the Chicago native wrote at least one love song to show his true feelings for Asian Doll, which is finally making its way to the light.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Asian played one of the love songs that King Von wrote her, which featured the following lyrics: "On some real n***a shit, I been feeling you and shit/And even though I ain't rich but I'm as real as it gets/And I don't play for the Knicks but on the court where we met/You ain't noticed me yet but you was already my bitch."

Clearly, King Von was catching real feelings for Asian Doll

Even though this is a love song, King Von still found time to diss Tooka, which surely won't please the late rapper's mother. "You know I was with my crew/You know that's Durkio and Book/We was smokin' on the Took/You had a great job pursuit."

Recently, King Von's posthumous single "Lurkin'" with Funk Flex was released. If this love song for Asian Doll isn't your vibe, try that one out.