Asian Doll was reportedly arrested in Atlanta before spending four days in the slammer. She is officially home after bailing out and her mugshot has been circulating across social media. Thankfully for her, people are actually praising her looks in it.

While most people's mugshots are probably the worst pictures they'll ever take in their lives, Asian Doll actually looks great in hers. She wears her naturally curly hair and a makeup-free face, which has her fans wishing they looked as good as she does on an everyday basis.

In addition to the mugshot being shared on social media, Asian also bragged about her financial growth right after getting let out of jail, telling fans that she actually got out richer than she was when she got in.

"Bitches do months in jail just to come out broke asfuck I did 4days & came home to 71k," wrote the rapper on Twitter. "Worry bout what your outcome gone be looking like cause fasho I was in jail ONNAT them 4days."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

She went on to attack a fan who implied that she shouldn't be proud of her situation.

"All 36 of them bitches I was locked up with can tell you how I was rocking in that bitch," said Asian Doll. "I'm in jail famous & pretty trust me hoes tried it & I was ON THEY ASS ON MY SOUL & when I got out I told them hoes good luck y'all hoes got 6months to go & walked out."

We're glad that Asian Doll is out. She's been active since then, taking a trip to Los Angeles and even considering a move out there.