The Georgia officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks has found himself in trouble with prosecutors. Garrett Rolfe, formerly of the Atlanta Police Department, currently faces 11 charges connected to the June 12 parking lot shooting of Brooks. He has been hit with charges including assault with a deadly weapon and felony murder—and if convicted, Rolfe could receive life in prison or the death penalty. While neither of those sentences are expected, prosecutors still believe that Garrett Rolfe should have taken his bond restrictions seriously.

On June 29, Rolfe posted his $500K bond and was released, but he had to follow strict guidelines. He was forced to turn over his passport, was fixed with an ankle monitor, had to adhere to a curfew, and wasn't allowed to “leave home for medical, legal, or work-related obligations." However, days ago, Rolfe's ankle monitor showed that he was in Daytona Beach and it was later learned that the disgraced former officer was on vacation.

Prosecutors are asking for his bond to be revoked, however, Rolfe's lawyers reportedly told a judge that there were no orders prohibiting their client form traveling out of state.