Aubrey Plaza and Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry may be coming together for a reboot of the horror flick Child's Play. According to Collider, Aubrey is in talks to play a mother figure while Brian may star as a detective. The original movie was released in 1988 and follows a possessed doll named Chucky who goes on a killing rampage. 

Although the reboot will be based on the classic, the publication reports that a twist will be added to the plot and the antagonist may not be another doll named Chucky, but rather a “technologically advanced” doll to keep up with the times. Production of the movie begins in Vancouver “soon” so the definite roles of each character will be determined shortly.

Brian was nominated for an Emmy this past weekend for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, although the milestone was a significant moment in his career he found it hard to enjoy since he's mourning the loss of his mother.

"I was really tired of people telling me, “You should be happy that you have an Emmy nomination, you should applaud yourself.” And I'm like, “eat a dick.” Actually, I'm really really fucking sad, and no amount of any of this can replace what I lost with my mother. I can't celebrate any of these things with her, and I lost her so suddenly, and I was never able to grieve," he told GQ. "And now that this is happening—it’s still no easier, but the distraction of all the work, of doing all these great things with these great amazing minds and people, allowed me to breathe in a way I've never experienced before."