Donald Glover's surreal "Atlanta" has been praised across the board. Many have cited its ability to capably shine a light on real world issues while simultaneously remaining entertaining, not preachy. Case in point, the first season's nuanced depiction of police brutality. Now, Stephen Glover (brother of Donald) has spoke on the upcoming "Robbin Season," making a comparison sure to pique the interest of hip-hop fans. The director slash writer shines a little light on the discourse within the writer's room, stating "Internally we've drawn Kanye parallels – if the first season is College Dropout, this one is Late Registration."

He elaborates, clarifying that the "absurd" first season was foundational, and now they can move forward with a more grounded sense of identity. It's certainly in keeping with the Kanye analogy; as groundbreaking as College Dropout was, it was largely an introduction to the artistry of Kanye West. The samples, the skits, the endearingly goofy one lines, the occasional glimmers of orchestral brilliance. Late Registration pretty much took all of that to the upper echelon. Still the same old Kanye, only this time enhanced a more confident sense of self. 

Atlanta's second season, also known as Atlanta Robbin Season, is set to premiere on March 1st. For more on Atlanta, be sure to check out the interview in full over at Rolling Stone.