Change will always harbor extreme reactions. When a team changes up their jerseys and helmets, you can only expect fans to go apeshit online over the alterations. Whether you love or hate the brand new Atlanta Falcons designs, you've got to accept the fact that the organization is switching things up and, just because of the negative comments, nothing will change.

Revealing to their fans that they would be introducing a new look at the beginning of this year, the Atlanta Falcons have officially unveiled their drip for the upcoming football season. Unfortunately, people weren't really feeling the fresh mock-ups, trolling the team on Twitter.

"There aren’t even any sports on and the Falcons are still losing," wrote one fan in response to the unveiling today. That sentiment was generally echoed across the field with the majority of Falcons supporters calling them out for such a horrendous design. 

The team will be keeping their red, white and black colors. At home, they will be playing in a mostly-black ensemble. For away games, they'll don white-on-white looks. The alternate uniform got clowned the hardest though as the "Rise Up" design features a gradient color scheme that some are comparing to vintage FUBU... and not in a good way.

Check out some of the most vicious comments below.