Carmelo's tenure with the Atlanta Hawks will long be remembered as an important test of character for both player and organization. In the end, they couldn't agree on terms moving forward, leaving many of us ponder what could have been. Al Horford, Sidney Moncrief and Lenny Wilkens were all passable #15s but none compared to Carmelo Anthony in comeliness.

After reaching a buyout agreement at the beginning of the month, Melo set his sights on Houston, oh and he intermittently thanked OKC for the quick detour along the way. But in doing so he skipped right ahead and neglected to thank Atlanta for their sanctimonious gesture, a fat sum and a commemorative #15 jersey made out in his name, sent via express shipping I might add.

Atlanta was none too pleased with the radio silence. Their response to Carmelo's cold shoulder was not said or expressed via their Public Relations department, but by their front office. During his inauguration with the team, Vince Carter was unceremoniously handed Carmelo's untouchable #15 singlet, a gesture that spoke volumes. To make matters worse, neither Vince Carter nor GM Travis Schlenk uttered a word pro or against Carmelo in relation to his departure, leading many to believe they are willfully trying to forget he ever existed.